In the year 2006 Dunedin dentist, John Hamilton purchased a Digital Panoramic Machine (a Planmeca Promax to be exact) to aid in his diagnostic and treatment planning processes . He was impressed (and relieved) to find that the quality of the images being produced were far greater than the images he had previously been exposed to.

In 2009 John sold his practice to the Lumino group and after 30+ years in the industry and as a passionate ‘lifetime learner’ he was ready to sink his teeth into a new project; something a little different.

But not that different.

John was so chuffed with the outcome of introducing digital radiography to his practice that he decided everyone should have access to this quality of diagnostic imaging (You get an X-Ray, you get an X-Ray; Every body gets an X-Ray!).  He’d already witnessed the benefits of doing so and was sure his colleagues in Dunedin would get a kick out of them too.

Thus Duncroft Radiology was born and a customer-focused, technologically enthused father/daughter combo made it all possible as Sarah joined her Dad in 2011, reading pages upon pages of technical manuals and research papers and enduring (!) hours of hands-on training (most of which was spent getting familiar with our resident cranium, Yorick) to become our Radiography Technician.

The first step to what we do is we take particularly good digital radiographs ; we specialise in acquiring both Panoramic and Tomographic exposures. But what we also strive to do is help resource dental diagnosis by providing our colleagues with access to resources, research and up to date clinical information while creating a supportive network of forward thinking, like-minded individuals.

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