Thank you for taking an interest in Duncroft Radiology!

At Duncroft we hope to revolutionise the use of digital radiography in dental diagnosis by educating dentists and the general public on the benefits of using high-quality radiography as part of a comprehensive diagnostic process.There is a lot of misconception and conjecture surrounding the use of radiation in general, and we aim to clarify and inform you of these risks (and the benefits) so that you and your dentist can make the best decision for you.

Previously (and some still currently) dentists would require a series (between 14-20 images) of smaller, intra-oral (inside your mouth) x-rays to complete a Full-Mouth Survey. Besides the hassle of taking 14+ x-rays there was also a significantly larger exposure to radiation for patients undergoing this survey.

A new kind of x-ray was developed so that the mouth could be easily surveyed in one complete image, saving valuable time and reducing patient exposure to radiation; this was called the Panoramic Radiograph.

A Panoramic x-ray taken of a patient to assess the position and development of their third molars (wisdom teeth). Please note image has been cropped.

A Panoramic X-ray (PANX) consists of a single image that shows your dentist your ENTIRE mouth. The PANX is taken extra-orally (outside of the mouth), which means no film or plastic holders in your mouth! There have been significant advances in digital technology which make the benefits of adopting our service that much more desirable;

  • Lower radiation
  • Increased Resolution (Better Quality)
  • Quick and easy transmission of images (email, cd, online)
  • Ability to manipulate and duplicate images while keeping original quality


At Duncroft Radiology we provide this service to Dunedin dentists at a very reasonable price;

Panoramic Radiograph – $105.00

Report on a Panoramic Radiograph – $40.00*

*Report based on image only, for full consultation and treatment planning a consultation fee will apply.

We offer students, pensioners and other beneficiaries a 10% Discount. Please discuss this with your radiography technician prior to image acquisition.